Hello, my name is Emmanuel Kalungi, and this is my story.

I am 26 years old. I became Deaf when I was 3 years old due to the very strong medicine I was given after I got very ill from malaria and was taken to hospital. I can hear a little bit but only with loud sound and when I use a hearing aid. I try very hard to lip read to understand and communicate with others who do not use Sign language. This is a constant challenge for me especially because of the kind of work (Art Work) I do since most of my customers are hearing and they want explanation about my work/ paintings to buy.

I have been fortunate to attain formal education in different schools including Butambala Primary school for the Deaf, where I sat for my Primary leaving Examinations in 2010 and Wakiso Secondary school where I sat for my Senior Four National Examinations in 2014. Also due to my good grades I was blessed with someone who was able to finance my school fees and requirements while at Wakiso Secondary school and further at Michelangelo College of Creative Art & Design in Kisubi – Entebbe where I graduated in a 2 year Diploma Course and Certificate in June 2018.

While at the college, I started attended painting classes and this is where my love for painting grew. After graduation, I joined Mr. Abdul (hearing) at his business “Barack Art & Craft Work” where I put my skills into more practice and it is here that I started getting money for the work I produced. Still in 2018, I got a part time job with Riham –a product of Haris International Ltd with the connections of my boss where we had to move around the country and paint.

In 2020, I met Rosemary the Founder of Infinity Ideas Network Org who introduced me to the organization and its mission and vision. Through IIN, I have been able to reach a wide market of clients here in Uganda, other East African Countries and in the UK & USA. The Organisation has connected me to other Deaf youth in other businesses and hearing youth in the Art industry and those who love art.

I am very thankful for the connections, market reach and support rendered. I am now able to make more sales in a month than before, save some money and I hope to get my own Art shop so I can be independent, and to further boost my sales and market share. I also plan on going back to school to improve on my knowledge in art.

I therefore advise all Deaf youth looking to settle into employment or start their own business, to reach out to Infinity Ideas Network as their mission is to help Deaf youth get into employment and to stay there.

Please support me by buying my art work at IIN’s Art shop. My paintings are affordable, durable and of good quality.

Story by: Emmanuel Kalungi (Deaf Youth, IIN projects beneficiary)





    1. Thank you so much Heather for your kind words. Emmanuel loves Art very well. We have helped him make sales for his art work both locally and internationally. You can always order a piece of art or even a portrait and it will be made and sent to you. Reach out to us over email:

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