Grand Opening of the facility at Good Samaritan school for the Deaf

We are happy to report that on 21st August after waiting for 42 days of lockdown in the country, we officially opened the new Girls Washroom and Toilet Block. The opening was officially performed by Mr. Stephen Magezi, (a Joint Noble Peace Winner) and Gertrude, his wife who represented St. Johns Church and Green Christian Barnet group. They travelled over 180+ miles from their home to attend at the school in Masaka.

Some members of the Green Christian Group and St. Johns Church joined in live via a zoom link. The celebration began at 12pm (UK time) with a service-mass that was prepared by the School’s Directors and two priests from the Local Catholic Parish who led the prayers of thanks in celebration. We also prepared a special meal for the children, our official visitors and adults there.

Despite the challenges we faced along the way, i.e. heavy rains during the early time of the construction and scarcity of water during July, we managed to build a well-furnished construction to a modern Ugandan standard. It includes hand standing supports for Deaf children with further physical impairment and an exterior water sink connected to the water tanks, plus soap! This is to enable all the children to further develop the discipline of hand washing – especially in this time of the pandemic.

Community people are ‘wowed’ by the structure as it is the only one like it in the whole of the village of Kitengeesa. We hope that by the time school resumes and all children come back, we will make another visit and celebration. They will be so excited to see and use the new facility.

We are grateful for all your support since the inception of the project idea, during the fundraising time, you shared with us all you had and continued. The Directors are very pleased with the new block! Our full project report will be out soon, and copies will be shared via email, please subscribe to our newsletter to get a copy.

Thank you so much for your wonderful support and prayers.



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