Project progress – Construction of an Improved Washroom & toilet at GSSD

We are thrilled to report that a good start has been made on the new girls toilet and washroom at the Good Samaritan School for Deaf. The situation now is that: – The 50+ foot deep pit has been dug out and is now safely covered-up so as to keep the rain and the children – out!
There has been a lot of rain which has held up progress but the builders are working hard to catch-up, six days a week. Large piles of bricks, sand and gravel were delivered by numerous trucks ready to start construction.

The ground for the footings was measured and re-measured again by the contractor and the Head-teacher – just to make sure! Foundations are going in and sections of the walls had been erected – the washroom is taking shape.
The work is well underway and the aim is to finish it by the end of June – provided the weather is kind. The new building will provide 6 toilet cubicles & 6 washroom cubicles. Also, 2 larger shower cubicles with seats will be for girls with additional physical impairments and for the younger ones. These will be better facilities than most of the girls have been used to at school and at home.
The children are excited by the prospect of new rooms but they will still use the rainwater collected from the roofs of the School buildings. It will, of course, be cold water – apart from the heat of the sun on the storage tanks!

When donations accumulate, the school plans next to sink a bore hole to obtain water from below ground which will also be available to the local community. The Director already gives support to local women and to other impaired (non-deaf) children as well.
We give thanks to the Lord for enabling all this to happen and also for the Directors of Good Samaritan for their tireless effort in creating and maintaining this school.
We thank our donors who have enabled this project to keep going despite the pandemic and its effects. We thank you for your wonderful support and prayers. You can read more about the project progress from the article here:

Download Progress Report Here:



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