Project progress – Construction of an Improved Washroom & toilet at GSSD

Children have been the first monitors/ managers of the progress of the facility since the first day! They have also participated in construction by helping in carrying a few building materials from the stores to the site almost every day.
We have now finished roofing with light emitting iron sheets to enable more light into the block especially during night. The window opening has been closed with clay ventilation to allow in more light and enough fresh air thus helping in prevention of some of the diseases and infections. The floors and walls of the washroom and toilet cubicles have been tiled and the job is soon to be completed.
On site monitoring has been a continuous routine so as to ensure that all the building materials are being utilized to full capacity, proper installation of items like doors, windows, ventilation, doors and to ensure that there is enough materials to ensure that the project is not delayed. We have also ensured that the beneficiaries are happy with the current status of the site, the contractors are also in good working conditions, and to keep up with the initial designs.


Amidst the project progress, we have encountered challenges including heavy rains during the initial months of the project and just of recent, scarcity of water due to heavy sunshine. This not only affected our project progress, but also the school and community at large. People have been relegated to fetch unclean water from the water ponds since the village borehole broke-down due to over usage and is yet to be repaired. We are thankful that we were able to procure over 15,000 litres of clean water from Masaka city to fill up one tank at the school.
We pray to God to provide rain so that the tanks are refilled soon and that our project is not delayed anymore as we do the finishing phase.
We thank you for your wonderful support and prayers.

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