Triple Emergency in Uganda

East Africa has experienced major flooding of Lake Victoria since October 2019 which has devastated communities- and displaced hundreds of thousands living and working around her. Ugandans like to think that Lake Victoria is the largest fresh water Lake in the world while the Americans think it is a Lake Superior in their region.
The massive flooding of the lake happened in 1964 when it reached its highest point of 13.41 metres and on 7th May this year it reached a new record of 13.42 metres. This has come in a tripple facet time of Coronavirus/ COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of the Locusts –crisis.
The Flooding of the lake is a slowly progressing phenomena which may not lead to the death of many people as they see it coming. But in the same manner it recedes slowly which will take over a year to normalise. This means that the impacted people will have to bear this problem for some time.
Secondly the advent of the COVID, means that jobs and opportunities may be lost forever – the number of which is not known but will pose serious problems particularly for our younger people.
Peoples’ faith and trust in God is already being tested but communities have usually reacted positively with support, sharing and assistance growing across many countries in response to these crises. We all will have to change our lifestyles and working methods as well as our relationships.

“Read more about this Triple emergency in a Herald Magazine here (If you are in New Barnet, UK; Get yourself a hard copy of the magazine and check the story on pages 12 and 13.”


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  1. What an precedent time! Am sorry Uganda had to face a triple jeopardy. Thank you for taking care of Deaf Children there.

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