Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges confronting humanity today. Nature faces the effects of climate change, but it also plays a much broader role in it.

Depending on how the world’s ecosystems are managed, they can either contribute to the problem, or provide effective nature-based solutions to solving it.

Contributing to the climate problem, the loss and degradation of forests alone currently constitute around 12% of human-caused carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. The land sector as a whole, including agriculture, forests and other land uses, is responsible for nearly a quarter of global emissions.

However, we now know that the avoidance of these emissions through better conservation and land management actions offers a feasible, cost-effective option that is available in the near term. Managing nature well can thus make a significant contribution towards global climate mitigation efforts.

What are we doing?
We envision a shift in how nature is leveraged at community level as a solution to climate change and we seek to enable degraded ecosystems to recover, maximize nature’s role in helping vulnerable populations adapt to present and future climate impacts.

Environmental conservation activities are carried out such as Tree planting, plastic and polyethene bags collection and decomposition/ and re-use. Several campaigns on climate change are emphasised for Deaf people to take part in as they are also responsible citizens of the Earth. To support our Enviromental conservation projects, “Get Involved” or “Donate” to our causes!